Jazz in the South le 03 mai 2009

Une semaine avant le festival de Jazz de St-Lucia devenu une institution et un événement majeur, Jazz in the South propose pour la 12° édition sur une journée une ambiance conviviale et festive à Laborie. Bluemango, Barbara Ann Cadet, Khalid Kouhen, Rea Drakes et Labowi Steelpan.
Avec le soutien de l'Alliance française

En savoir plus : http://www.labowipromotions.net/

“Jazz in the South” at Rudy John Beach

“Jazz in the South” started out as a small community activity. It quickly distinguished itself through great planning, support and excellent artiste selection as one of the main actors in the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival. “Jazz in the South” is an offspring of Labowi Promotions, established by a small group of people from the southern village of Laborie. The group’s main objective was to promote genuine community development through arts and culture, by bringing quality cultural performances to the south of Saint Lucia and by improving the skills and visibility of local artists and performers. Ultimately, their goal is to enhance social togetherness and harmony through cultural events and expression. Since its creation, this group has organised more than 200 events and activities, in music, education, dance, drama and visual arts. In recent years, the artistic dimension has evolved away from its mainstream and towards a musical style which is clearly afro-caribbean. The organisers are hopeful that a uniquely St. Lucian sound could evolve from this and take its place on centre stage in the Jazz world.

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